Thursday, December 19, 2013

Almost Here!

Christmas is almost here. Are you ready? If you need to receive your FotoDialer before Christmas arrives, then order today! FotoDialers typically go out the same day they are ordered.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

You can order FotoDialer HERE.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Other Thoughts

G.B. Stern said, "Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone." So, we will take this opportunity to thank those who have purchased FotoDialer and for those who voted for FotoDialer in Walmart's, "Get on the Shelf" competition.

I have observed gratitude is one of the best ways to be happy. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we wanted to share a few quotes about gratitude:

"God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say 'thank you?'"

-William A. Ward

"If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he isn't likely to be thankful for what he's going to get."

-Frank A. Clark

"He is wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has."


"The struggle ends when the gratitude begins."

-Neale Donald Walsch

"If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily."

-Gerald Good

We hope you enjoy Cyber Monday, but that you remember gratitude, not for material things and stuff, but for beauty, freedom, and for those good people in your life.

Please visit us at and have a great day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We Made It Through Round One!

We just heard today that we made it through Round 1 of Walmart's Get on the Shelf competition!  The next round includes YOUR votes.  You can help by going HERE daily and voting for FotoDialer.  Please vote DAILY and share by email and via social media, like FaceBook.

FotoDialer can be seen HERE.

Thank you in advance and we hope you make it a great day!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get on the Shelf Competition

Last year, we entered the Get on the Shelf competition put on by Walmart.  This competition enables the winner to have their product sold on or even in their stores.  It was a good experience before so we thought we would try it again this year.  Last time, we submitted two videos into one that showed the elderly using FotoDialer.  We decided to use a video of a child using FotoDialer this year.  I don't have a link to our submission yet, but here are four FotoDialer videos you can view that show FotoDialer:

We used THIS VIDEO last year. 
This VIDEO is of the elderly using FotoDialer.
Here is the VIDEO we submitted for the Get on the Shelf competition.
This is another VIDEO showing a child using FotoDialer in an emergency.

FotoDialer can be purchased HERE.

Make it a great day!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day . . . And A Time For Mourning

Yes, I know.  Today is not Independence Day, yesterday was.  However, I was with my family and friends and wasn't even near a computer to post anything.  So today is the day to say, "Happy Independence Day!" and to say how grateful we are for liberty, our Founding, and for those who fight in so many ways for freedom.

Another reason we love FotoDialer is because it allows for independence for those who use it.  The elderly, young, and disabled have barriers of typical phone communcation removed and are able to communicate with confidence.  FotoDialer can be seen HERE!

We also want to take the time to give our prayers and thoughts to the family of John McMullen.  He was instrumental in the development of FotoDialer as an electrical engineer.  We ran into some electrical problems in the development of FotoDialer and could see no way to fix them.  It seemed our hopes of creating FotoDialer were dashed.  Then we found John.  He came in and fixed the problems which allowed FotoDialer to be completed and be the telephone aid so many needed.  He passed away early this week from a valiant fight with cancer.  He lived longer than doctors thought he would.  We are grateful for his life, our relationship with him, and for the good he has done for so many people around the world.  John, you will be missed!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Great FotoDialer Features!

Another great FotoDialer feature is the amount of numbers you can program.  Other versions can only program 5-10 phone numbers.  With FotoDialer you can program 24 numbers for family, friends, or emergency numbers.  These numbers are associated with larger, wallet-sized photos instead of small, hard to see pictures.  FotoDialer has six pages with four photos per page.

If you want to use your telephone without going through FotoDialer, you can just use it as you normally would.  Your phone will work as it regularly does.

Click HERE to see a description of FotoDialer or HERE to purchase.

Make it a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just Another Great FotoDialer Feature!

I like being able to brag about certain FotoDialer features from time to time.  One such feature is the memory feature.  Other photo phones and FotoDialer copies will lose their memory if the power goes out or if batteries happen to die.  What does that mean?  It means that all the phone numbers you programmed are lost!  You have to reprogram everything again every time this happens. 

That will not happen with FotoDialer.  Let's say a storm takes out all the power in your city.  What happens to your numbers?  Nothing.  FotoDialer keeps all the phone numbers programmed in.  What if your batteries die?  Still, nothing.  FotoDialer will keep all your phone numbers programmed even if your batteries die.  Pretty great, huh?  This means you don't have to keep reprogramming numbers after every storm or after batteries die.

Make sure to tell your family and friends about FotoDialer!  You can order your FotoDialer HERE.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just Let Us Know

It has been so gratifying to see responses and reviews of FotoDialer from every day customers.  We had a lady the other day who was gushing about how FotoDialer has saved her Mom's sanity.   She explained her mom was shut off from the world because she couldn't communicate with anyone.  Then she got her FotoDialer and can now regularly communicate with loved ones and call emergency numbers without needing help from anyone else.  Stories like this are frequent and make all the hard work of creating FotoDialer worth it.

Though we almost always have positive feedback, there are always seems to be a negative one.  However, one review I saw the other day really surprised me.  At the possibility of sounding querulous or whiny I wanted to share the experience.  Please realize I am just relaying this experience to show what people should do in this situation.  The customer purchased his FotoDialer from someone on a popular site, but was not pleased with the seller.  Instead of fixing things with the seller, this customer gave the FotoDialer a bad review because of the bad time he had with the seller.  Know that this seller has no affiliation with FotoDialer other than the fact they sold a FotoDialer they had.  Because of this fact, it amazed me this customer would give the product a bad review rather than the seller who has nothing to do with the product.

One of the disappointing aspects of this review was the customer never called or emailed us to see how we could help him.  I have tried to contact this gentleman to see how we could help, but have been unable to contact him.  I have spoken with some good people that have had an issue with their FotoDialer.  When we speak on the phone, we have been able to fix most issues right over the phone.  Very frequently the issue is something as simple as they used batteries that are almost depleted of power or are using rechargeable batteries instead of alkaline batteries.  We have had only a few (and I really mean just a few) people that needed to send their unit back to us for repair.  Even then, the issues have been minor.  Our rate of perfectly functional units is far above the industry.  But, if you happen to have an issue or just have a question please feel free to call or email us.  If you are calling outside of regular business hours just send us an email.  We will be happy to respond as soon as we can.

Our toll-free number is 1-800-891-0675 and our email is

Here is a link to our FAQ section or you can purchase FotoDialer HERE!

We hope you have a wonderful day!