Friday, October 17, 2014

Fun Facts! Does Anything Rhyme With Orange Or Silver?

We have all seen it before.  Everyone seems to have that know-it-all friend who likes to tell you useless facts in an attempt to make you look foolish.  For example, your friend might say, "Did you know nothing rhymes with orange or silver?"  They seem to get the look of pure satisfaction when they watch your mental agony as you attempt to think of something that rhymes with orange and silver.  You can think of nothing so in defeat you fruitlessly make up words like, "rorange" or, "pilver" then hastily change the subject to something you know more about.

Has this happened to you?  Well don't get down on yourself because you now have some ammunition for that friend!  There are actually some words that DO rhyme with orange and silver!  According to, orange rhymes with, "Blorenge (a mountain in Wales) and sporange (a sac where spores are made)." So what about silver? says, "Silver has the same rumor going for it, but it actually rhymes with Wilver (a nickname) and chilver (a ewe lamb)."  You can see the post HERE.

So, go ahead and look for an opportunity to bust out some newfound wisdom on that know-it-all friend.  Just remember to enjoy the moment compliments of FotoDialer!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Want To Reduce Your Alzheimer's Risk By 50%? Here's How!

In the age of magic pills, complicated fixes, and technology for everything under the sun, it is refreshing to hear of simple solutions to complicated problems.  Since FotoDialer was created as a simple solution to a complicated problem, we are all about passing it on to you.  An article I recently found cited a recent study where they claimed doing a simple task can improve your memory and even ward off Alzheimer's.  For such a great benefit you might expect to hear you have to do some grand thing, but that is not the case.  So, what is this, "grand" thing?

Go for a walk!  Yes, according to the study, walking for 30 minutes a day could reduce your risk for Alzheimer's by 50%.  The article went on to say, "Even if you already have early signs of cognitive decline or Alzheimer's, walking 5 miles a week could put the skids on that."

So how does walking help?  Walking increases oxygen and blood flow to the neurons in your brain thus decreasing the brain shrinkage that occurs with age. 

So go out for a walk with your family, hike in the mountain, meet some new neighbors.  Just get out and walk!

You can read the article HERE.

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Happy walking!