Friday, December 23, 2011

Memory Pill? has posted an article describing how a memory pill may be a reality in the near future.  Mice that were genetically modified to block an immune molecule called, "PKR," were observed to have enhanced brain function due to the increased neuron communication. 

The researchers then found a molecule that could block PKR instead of needing to genetically modify the mice.  The mice were injected with the molecule.  The results were astounding when tested against normal mice!  The regular mice took days to remember where to find an object, while the mice without PKR learned after ONE try. 

This appears to be an important step in treating memory problems and diseases like Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.  Here is to hoping they continue to make breakthroughs that can treat or even reverse the effects of dementia.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Gifts . . .

If you are like me, you are not even close to completing your Christmas shopping.  My wife has been done with her Christmas present shopping for a week and would be able to give me the infamous procrastinator label.  One of the obvious negatives of being a procrastinator is constantly being in a rush.  So I feel the pain of my fellow procrastinators we occasionally get inquiries from who call or email with a hint of panic in their communication.  These like-minded procrastinators wonder if they can get their FotoDialer shipped to them before Christmas. 

Well, I have good news for them and you!  We typically ship the same day FotoDialers are ordered (Monday-Friday before 4:30pm MST, except for holidays).  Units typically arrive in 2-4 business days in the United States.  Even some international orders will usually arrive before Christmas if ordered within the next few days.  For example, if a FotoDialer is ordered today (12/14/11) for Calgary Canada, it will arrive by Wednesday, December 21 using UPS Ground.  Expedited orders can be done, but that will cost a bit more.

Hopefully, the news that you can still get your FotoDialer before Christmas will not lull procrastinators into waiting even longer.  You do have some time, but not too long if you want to surprise your loved one with the device that will renew their ability to use the telephone.  You can purchase FotoDialer by clicking HERE!