Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pass It On!

There are a wide range of ways companies market their products or services.  Commercials enlist actors declaring how much they love such and such product they have never used or some NBA basketball star is paid to say how often they dine at the greasy fast food restaurant we are sure they do not frequent.  Other sources are billboards, radio ads, ads in the mail or newspaper, online ads, etc.  Sometimes we even see marketing (good or bad) in online comments people make. 

Though these methods are diverse and useful in their own way, we think the best method is by word of mouth.  The reasons?  Credibility, trust, comfort, accountability, and a host of other reasons.  Those people we usually receive word of mouth referrals from are those we know, trust, and care about.  We often see them as credible and trustworthy and the referrals they give can be given in a comforting and non-threatening atmosphere.  Accountability by them and us after we have used a certain product or service may be one of the biggest reasons word of mouth referrals are so useful.  We know deep down if we give or receive a sub-par referral we can lose credibility and trust.  We also want those we care about to give or receive the best. 
We hope that those who have bought or heard of FotoDialer will feel to pass it on!  Share your great experiences with others online or in person.  Help us use the best and most credible way to market: word of mouth!
FotoDialer can be seen HERE.