Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Suggestions to Reduce the Risk for Dementia

I saw a good article the other day detailing five ways to reduce the risk for dementia.  Click here to see the article.  The article gives ideas all of us can use to prevent having forms of dementia when we get older.  Though these ideas are not surefire actions to prevent getting Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia, they do seem to be great aids in prevention.  So, on to their list:

1) Solve a Crossword.  Brain stimulation builds brain cells and connections in the brain.

2) Play an instrument.  The article suggests learning to play early on in life pays off when you are older.

3) Break a Sweat.  Raising your heart rate and breathing harder can reduce dementia risk later on.  Exercise can also slow dementia if someone already has it.

4) (My favorite) Phone a Friend.  Being social can keep your brain young and active.  So, get your FotoDialer to phone your friends and family to plan activities.

5) Order the Salmon.  Fish has been called, "brain food" in the past and for good reason.  To quote the article, "Brain scans showed that people who ate baked or broiled—but not fried—fish at least once a week had better preserved gray matter in key areas of the brain. The researchers calculated that eating fish weekly cut Alzheimer’s risk by almost five-fold."

Hopefully doing these five things can be what it takes to reduce our risks for dementia.  And remember to get your FotoDialer based on tip number 4, "Phone a Friend."