Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three year old calls 911

I love this story! A three year old Nevada girl was taught by her Mom how to call 911 one morning. Later that day she got to put that lesson into practice when her Mom had a seizure and fell on the ground. She helped save her Mom's life by calling 911. Oddly enough, her Dad is on the Fire and Rescue service and responded to the call. It is comforting to see young children's capabilities to act beyond their youthful ability.

Over the years, I have heard stories such as this where a young child actually saves their parent's life by calling 911 for help in an emergency. These kids are extraordinary and uncommon. It makes you wonder how many young children are on the other side of the spectrum and are unable to call 911 in an emergency because they simply do not know how to. Or, how many people (the elderly especially) are so full of adrenaline or pain that they cannot manage dialing an emergency number? Are there many of these people?

This is one of the main reasons FotoDialer was developed. There is no way a small child or elderly person cannot dial emergency help when all they need to do is press an emergency button on their FotoDialer. There is no need to remember sequences of numbers. It may sound silly or even absurd to think someone may not be able to dial such an easy number as 911. There are even jokes that underscore the perceived ridiculousness of forgetting this number like, "quick, what's the number to 911?" Jokes aside, thinking is not clear when a child or an elderly person (particularly those with any form of dementia) is running on adrenaline or is full of pain in an emergency. Chemicals rush into the brain for the sole purpose of keeping someone alive; rational thinking tends to go out the door.

It is a comfort for people to know that family members can call for emergency help if needed by simply pushing a button next to a wallet-sized photograph. I will continue to love seeing heroic acts done by the uncommon youngster on behalf of their family, but wouldn't it be great if all children could have the ability to call for help in an emergency?

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