Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day . . . And A Time For Mourning

Yes, I know.  Today is not Independence Day, yesterday was.  However, I was with my family and friends and wasn't even near a computer to post anything.  So today is the day to say, "Happy Independence Day!" and to say how grateful we are for liberty, our Founding, and for those who fight in so many ways for freedom.

Another reason we love FotoDialer is because it allows for independence for those who use it.  The elderly, young, and disabled have barriers of typical phone communcation removed and are able to communicate with confidence.  FotoDialer can be seen HERE!

We also want to take the time to give our prayers and thoughts to the family of John McMullen.  He was instrumental in the development of FotoDialer as an electrical engineer.  We ran into some electrical problems in the development of FotoDialer and could see no way to fix them.  It seemed our hopes of creating FotoDialer were dashed.  Then we found John.  He came in and fixed the problems which allowed FotoDialer to be completed and be the telephone aid so many needed.  He passed away early this week from a valiant fight with cancer.  He lived longer than doctors thought he would.  We are grateful for his life, our relationship with him, and for the good he has done for so many people around the world.  John, you will be missed!

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