Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Occasionally we get calls about an issue someone is having with their FotoDialer.  We thought it would be useful to post a few things to do if you have issues.

Problem: The FotoDialer won't program the number.  This is usually due to one of a couple reasons.  Below are two things to watch for. 
  • 1) When you push the white program button, does the dial tone go away?
  • 2) If the dial tone does go away in program mode, but the FotoDialer still won't program, there is another issue. 
Solution: If you observe number 1 above then the problem is because the cords in the back are in the wrong spot.  When you go into program mode, the dial tone is supposed to go away.  Make sure the cord coming from the wall that normally goes into your phone is connected into the FotoDialer RJ-11 connection labeled, "LINE."  Then the white cord provided with your FotoDialer that comes from the phone should go into the FotoDialer RJ-11 connection labeled, "PHONE."  If they are not in the correct location, the FotoDialer cannot go into program mode. 
So go ahead and switch the two cords.

Solution: If you notice number 2 is happening, you have one of two issues.  Your pages need to be flat when you program or your batteries are too low.  Make sure to get NEW alkaline batteries for your FotoDialer.  Do not just use some from the junk drawer.  Even if they don't expire for another three years, they may not be adequate.  The low battery light indicator will tell you if they are extremely low, but it is best to just get new ones.  If there is not enough power to program the number, the FotoDialer either won't accept the new number in full or will just go to the last phone number programmed in.  In other words, since the power is low, it dials what takes less energy. 
So get new batteries and keep those pages flat and you should be fine.

We have very few issues from FotoDialer owners, but occasionally there are problems.  Hopefully these solutions will be of help.  We are grateful for our awesome FotoDialer customers!

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